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The archive sections show a small selection of my past work.  All of these pieces, apart from a few I have kept for my personal collection, are already sold.    

Raku Ceramic Piece

Grasshopper 1990

raku 28 cm h

Tall Square Vase

Cushion Squares 1993

earthenware 40 cm h 

Ceramic Box with Bird Image

Bird Pot1997

earthenware 21 cm h

Tall Ceramic Vase with Jester Image

Jester 1997

earthenware 54 cm h

Ceramic Vase with Horse & Juggler Image

Horse & Juggler 1999

earthenware 43 cm h

Ceramic Vase with Geometric Pattern

Geo Vase -1st designed 1991

stoneware 26 cm h

Ceramic Pot with Hand Image

Hand Pot1998

earthenware 22 cm h

The 1st hand pot was made in 1994

Ceramic Pot with Frog Image

Frog Pot 1998

earthenware 21 cm h

Ceramic Vase with Clown Image

Clown 1999

earthenware 38 cm h

Two Ceramic Geometric Containers

Geo Containers 1999

stoneware 26 & 22 cm h

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