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  Developing Ideas with Clay - A Working Method  £15 + p&p 

Ideas Book cover.JPG

Paperback 297 cm x 210 cm 78 pages

Sample page of Ideas Book

  Slab Construction (2nd enlarged Ed) £16 + p&p 

Paperback 297 cm x 210 cm 82 pages

Sample page of Slab Book

  Ribbed Forms £14 + p&p 

Paperback 297 cm x 210 cm 64 pages

Sample page of Rib Book

Each book has numerous making sequences, illustrations, glaze recipes and technical notes.  


Slab Construction                            £16 + P&P

Developing Ideas with Clay            £15 + P&P

Ribbed Forms                                   £14 + P&P


To purchase contact via email   

P&P to UK mainland is £4

P&P for two books to the USA is about £35 for a quick service or £20 for a slower service - no tax 

P&P for three books to Europe is about £15 - involved a tax payment which delayed the delivery  


A note about the books;- The Developing Ideas in Clay book covers my work from my student days up until about the year 2000.   If each section is read sequentially it will become clear how I develop ideas and how one idea can lead on to the next .  The Slab Construction book covers my more recent work. Here I use quite thin smooth slabs in the traditional slabbing technique.  The Ribbed Forms book is  dedicated to show how I make and use the rib texture.  

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