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The archive sections show a small selection of my past work.  All of these pieces, apart from a few I have kept for my personal collection, are already sold.    

Ceramic Container in thr Form of a Michelin Man

Michelin Man 2015

stoneware 40 cm h

Ceramic Bowl

Wavy Line Bowl 2015

stoneware 50 cm w

Large Ceramic Sculptural Vase

Free Form 2015

stoneware 65cm h

Ceramic Bowl

Melon Bowl 2015

stoneware 50 cm w

Two Ceramic Vases with Ribbed Texture

Halo Pots 2014

stoneware 30 & 27 cm h

Ceramic Decorative Plate

Pool Dish 2017

stoneware 46 cm w

Ceramic Sculptural Plate

Snail Dish 2016

stoneware 40 cm w

Ceramic Bowl in the shape of a Peanut

Peanut Dish 2017

lustred stoneware 45 cm w

Tall Ceramic Vase

Large Armour Vase 2018

stoneware 60 cm h

A reoccurring series, this the most recent

Facet Sculpture 1

Facet Sculpture 1 2016

Lustred stoneware  26 cm w

Facet Sculpture 2

Facet Sculpture 1 2017

Lustred stoneware 30 cm w

Ceramic Container

Wavy Line Container 2017

stoneware 32 cm w

Large Ceramic Jug

Jug 2021

stoneware 40 cm h

Shape first designed in 2017

Needle Head Sculpture

Needle Head Sculpture 2017

stoneware 26 cm h

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