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Roger Lewis Making Ceramic Sculpture

About Me.

The subject of my work is the clay itself.  I like to explore, investigate, and invent with the material.  I am addicted to searching for and making discoveries.  My individual hand built ceramic pieces are based on this exploration into the infinite possibilities that a material as versatile as clay has to offer.  I am most excited when I surprise myself, when a new possibility jumps out of my research and a potential new direction presents itself for further development.  My work over the long term can be seen as a series of interrelated periods of continuous development – over a 50-year period the work is diverse but connected.  It is focused and directed by working methods that have developed over many years, but which stem from the early years of my art education. 


I start by finding my own problem to work on.  I say to myself: ’I wonder what would happen if I did that?’ followed by ’I did that, what would happen if I now do this?’.  Gradually I find my problem to work on and to develop further. 


My working methods are fully described in my book ‘Developing Ideas with Clay’.  Additional techniques that have developed out of my research are shown in the other books. Each has numerous making sequences, photographs, descriptions and technical notes.  

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